EMBA In Project Management (SU)

The curriculum is designed in a way to bring concepts and knowledge into the student’s minds by making them go through an analytical, decision-making process that focuses on solving practical problems. In addition to core business fundamentals, the students will acquire a strong foundation in project planning, administrative control, strategic analysis, resource allocation, and performance measurement activities.

An MBA in Project Management course brings out successful Project managers who then play a pivotal role in the organizations where they work while some exceptional ones rise to senior executive roles, with many becoming chief operating officers or chief executive officers in their field.

The faculty focuses on teaching, managing, leading, and directing projects and teams to match students’ interests and professional goals. An MBA degree in Project management prepares students to practice, implement and execute strategies by incorporating coursework on organization, assessments, communication, budgeting, management of complex projects, problem-solving skills, and ethical decision-making.

Awarded By

Singhania University

Credit Value



Assignment Based


15 – 18 Months

Study Mode




The EMBA Program can be completed within 1 year.
1. Candidates seeking admission to EMBA program should hold 10th-12th and a Bachelor’s degree or relevant undergraduate degree
2. All EMBA candidates must have a sound command of the English language; both spoken and written
3. Work experience of 3yrs and above is mandatory with a letter of recommendation or work experience letter can apply for acceptance into the EMBA program
4. The final decision concerning the acceptance in the EMBA program rests with Singhania University

The EMBA program can be completed within a year with scheduled assignment deadlines and exams

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