EMBA In Operations Management (SU)

Pursuing MBA in Operations Management course ensures that students can put forward their newly acquired skills across many related functional areas and roles. The course offers multiple technological functions and data analyst jobs starting from logistics and supply chain management to product design, implementation, and development. Certainly, all subjects in this program including those that require specialization, seek to offer rounded education in preparing their candidates for management careers. Students who have graduated with an MBA in operations management program will also be enriched with numerous core business skills in addition to having had the opportunity to build their characteristics and approach towards leading others.

The Projects and assessments that are provided by the faculty help students in understanding the fundamental concepts while practical experiments will improve their managerial skills, communication skills and will also give them a chance to socialize with a broad range of individuals, like engineers, researchers, advertising professionals throughout the learning process. Students will be offered top executive roles related to resource management and operation handling within the specific firm.

Awarded By

Singhania University

Credit Value



Assignment Based


15 – 18 Months

Study Mode




The EMBA Program can be completed within 1 year.
1. Candidates seeking admission to EMBA program should hold 10th-12th and a Bachelor’s degree or relevant undergraduate degree
2. All EMBA candidates must have a sound command of the English language; both spoken and written
3. Work experience of 3yrs and above is mandatory with a letter of recommendation or work experience letter can apply for acceptance into the EMBA program
4. The final decision concerning the acceptance in the EMBA program rests with Singhania University

The EMBA program can be completed within a year with scheduled assignment deadlines and exams

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