Bachelor of Science in Fire and Industrial Safety

The course is structured with the main aim to boost data, skills, and awareness among the students within the commercial field and help them understand the basic concepts of health, safety, and atmosphere, as the possibilities of injuries, risks, and accidents by implementing risk management techniques and safety management operations. In recent times, an increase in natural disasters and man-made disasters has led to the need for a professional body that can provide for the conservation of people, animals, and existing assets of trade-in Industries.

AGC-Education is offering a great opportunity to students who want to pursue this course by providing them with Singhania University’s degree of BSc in Fire and Industrial Safety. Students with a BSc degree in Fire and Industrial Safety can get employed in various job sectors including the public sector such as Mines, Electricity boards, railways, etc. In the Industrial sector, they are also offered jobs in the automobile sectors and oil-based companies.

Awarded By

Singhania University

Credit Value



Assignment Based


12 – 15 Months

Study Mode



12-15Modules+Business Plan

The BBA program can be completed within 4 academic terms which equals a full academic year.

Academic Requirements:

  1. Candidates seeking admission to the BBA program should hold a 10th-12th and a diploma in the same field
  2. All BBA candidates must have a sound command of the English language; both spoken and written.
  3. Work-Experience of one year is mandatory OR Candidates with managerial designation & work experience, with 2 letters of recommendation can apply for acceptance into the BBA program
  4. The final decision concerning the acceptance into the MBA degree program rests with Singhania University.

The BBA program can be completed within 12 months which consists of assignments and exams.

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