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American Global Consulting, located in Bahrain’s first skyscraper in the commercial district in Manama, offers an entire range of commercial services to the public and private sectors and is committed to providing higher levels of education in the country and the whole Gulf region.

In 2017, American Global Consulting’s Education Arm was launched to offer a broad spectrum of flexible, affordable, and highly accredited academic programs that enable upward socioeconomic mobility and are key to lifelong learning focused on personal development.

AGC-Education is known for reshaping thousands of ambitious students into accomplished business leaders and excellent management professionals committed to making a difference in their respective fields.

We place a high value on creative thinking to enable our students to act and contribute meaningfully in their future career assignments.

American Global Consulting-Education promotes high-quality learning to working professionals amidst supportive quality learning environments.

The learning experience in AGC will transform you to exceed your expectations and make you “Ready for the real-world challenges”.


Why learn with AGC?

AGC is a dynamic, innovative and quality oriented educational institution offering the students a world class education by providing learning experience designed to develop intellectual abilities as well as social and ethical values.

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